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Raspberry Pi Internet Radio Player
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Current Ver. 1.0.12

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Internet Radio Player for your Pi!

Since the BBC discontinued there North American Shortwave services, getting the BBC was only available on my local NPR station after Midnight!
There are a few other ‘old’ shortwave and some non-local FM stations I’d like to listen to from time to time.

So, like any good Geek, I rolled my own streaming player.

Code is in Python3, and needs MPD and MPC packages to work.
There are some ‘tweaks’ needed to get this running, but no worries, I got it covered (‘Fix it” script)

You can run it in a window, or if you have the Pi 7 inch touch screen or any 800x480 display, you can run it full screen and use the touch feature to control the player.
If you have a wired or wireless keyboard attached (including Bluetooth on Pi 3’s and Zero W’s) the ‘Multi Media” keys function.
Apple Mac wireless (Bluetooth) keyboards also function in ‘Multi Media’ mode
With a properly ‘trained’ IR USB dongle (Flirc) and remote, that also works.

This is tested on RPi 2, RPi 3, Zero and Zero W running Raspbian Jessie.

Hard wired Network … OK, Wireless Network … OK.
Output to onboard analog audio … OK, HDMI audio … OK.
For use with USB audio devices, tweaking is needed in the mpd.conf file.

Also a sample playlist is provided.

Extract the ZIP file and place (copy or drag it) into you home folder (/home/pi/)
Run the easy_start.sh script and that will do all the ‘fix it’ and install MPD / MPC

For Ver. 1.0.12, Keyboard input for channel change is now available.
Enter the channel (Preset) number on your keyboard/keypad and press ENTER/RETURN to play

Complete documentation is coming!

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