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Derby Vermont
Grid FN34vx

30 June to 6 July, 2014

Right after the 2014 ARRL Field Day, I went up to the In-Laws 'camp" in Vermont.
I didn't even clean out the truck from FD!
Set up a small station on the porch (only available space not in the way!).
Had fun and worked some DX, 13 Colonies stations and the W1AW portables on the air that week.

  • The 'shack', all the parts needed for a multimode operation
  • G5RV Jr up 24 feet, support is an extendable painter pole
  • G5RV Jr
  • Second look at the shack. I got put on the enclosed porch, but it worked out for the best
  • G5RV Jr, I got the end actually higher than the feed point and overlooking the lake to the west I think helped out on the signal.
  • Location of the portable QTH, grid FN34vx
  • G5RV Jr.
  • A bit breezy on Lake Memphremagog (Lac Memphrémagog for the those on the other side of the boarder) and surfs up!
  • Second look at the surf
  • The view up the lake into Canada (Quebec)

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2014 Portable in Vermont