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Middlesex ARS - W1EDH
2014 ARRL Field Day
Class 4A
Portland CT Senior Center

28 and 29 JUNE, 2014

Just a few photos of the club Field Day effort.
More to come from other club members cameras, but just wanted to get these up on the Web as soon as possible

  • Mac W1FYM
  • Don K1CMM
  • Gary K1MQ
  • Leo WB1ENI
  • Gary K1MQ
  • Old MacBook running Win XP!
  • Trusty W1EDH Trailer
  • Tri-Band and 6 Meter beams
  • Pat WB1EOS and OM Paul K1PL
  • George AB1GL, Jim KB1ULP
  • Pat and Paul for one more photo!

Photos by K1PU

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2014 ARRL Field Day