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2014 Nutmeg Hamfest

ARRL Connecticut State Convention
October 12, 2014

  • Vintage gear With vintage Land Rover
  • Bob N2XN (left) going to buy something he really doesn't need.

  • Keith WA1USF (left) with his Dad Jim K1NQJ
  • Bob N2XN (left), Joe K1IKE (center), ? (right)
  • CT SM Betsy K1EIC
  • John K1VFD (left), Bill W1KKF
  • Sean K1KJI from KJI Electronics
  • Bill N1JBS (left), Alex N1EBU from Lentini Communications

  • Jonathan KB1KIX
  • The staff of Gold Metal Ideas, provider of custom Ham hat and shirts
  • Luke KA1SE (left), Steve W1PRK Holding there own at the ECARS and QCWA tables
  • Mike K1MVM looks frantic during a sale
  • A more relaxed Mike K1MVM of Quick Silver Radio
  • Al N1API working the MARC club table and the 10-10 table
  • Luke and Steve again

  • Steve WV1X
  • John N1GNV, Supreme Commander of Quick Silver Radio
  • Bill W1KKF getting ready to announce the winer of the next door prize
  • Jonathan WF1H
  • The 'Goon Squad", keeping cheapskates out of the exhibit hall

  • QCWA Chapter 149 crew
  • Skip always gets the 'Right of Way' driving that contraption!
  • Betsy K1EIC and Don KE1AY

Some picture where not posted to protect certain Hams from XYL sanctions!

All photos by K1PU

Nutmeg Hamfest 2014 Photos