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2013 Nutmeg Hamfest

ARRL Connecticut State Convention
October 13, 2013

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  • Betsey K1EIC, CT section Manager staffing the ARRL info table
  • Bill, W1KKF, Nutfest Chairman announcing prize winners
  • Bill N1JBS from Lentini Communications looks over the vast amount store stock avalable
  • Alex Lentini N1EBU making a sale
  • ECARS Net crowd, L-R, Steve W1PRK, Lenny KB1TJC, Luke KA1SE
  • Luke KA1SE was also doing double duty at the QCWA table
  • ECARS / QCWA crew
  • John N1GNV of Quick Silver Radio Products still attempting to keep his trousers up with his trademark suspenders.
  • Castle Craig 10-10 chapter CH/CM Al N1API with a few surplus items from the shack
  • The 'Welcoming Committee", L-R Jim N1ZN, Don KE1AY, Chris WA1VXH

  • Rich WA1TRY, Master of the Flemarket
  • Kit N1MCC looks like he has a handful of snakes! Really he 'scored' a nice handful of jumpers for his repeater projects
  • Joe WA1VJZ I don't think he should be photographed in full profile!
  • Joe WA1VJZ driving a hard bargain with one of the Tailgate sellers
  • Mike KB1JEY up from Philly to see some old friends. This is a direct quote … "The lovely Mrs. Davis is off seeing relatives, so I get to go to the Hamfest"
  • Mike K1MVM looks over this quality Hamfest sale items
  • Flea Market
  • Flea Market
  • Flea Market
  • Flea Market

Some picture where not posted to protect certain Hams from XYL sanctions!

All photos by K1PU

2013 Nutmeg Hamfest