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Middlesex ARS - W1EDH
2013 ARRL Field Day
Class 4A
Portland CT Senior Center

22 and 23 JUNE, 2013

Just a few photos of the club Field Day effort.
More to come from other club members cameras, but just wanted to get these up on the Web as soon as possible

  • K1CMM op 75 Meter Phone
  • K1PU looking for 6 meters to open
  • Our modest but effective emergency powerplant
  • 20-15-10 meter Tri-Bander and 6 meter beams
  • Base of the 80-10 meter vertical
  • Long view of the 80-10 meter vertical
  • An attempt to keep the Coax safe from traffic - crossing the the driveway
  • Leo, WB1ENI arriving
  • Networked computer logging … I don't miss paper and pencil
  • WB1ENI working Six Meters
  • WB1ENI (left) and K1PU (right) discuss strategy, well really we're talking about food.
  • K1PU (resting on ladder), Lionel KB1LNE (center) and K1CMM assemble the beams.
  • K1PU (on ladder) is now actually doing some work.
  • KB1LNE acting as anchor for K1PU to get the Six meter beam attached to the mast
  • Time to shut down and pick up the mess. K1CMM (K1PU partly hidden) line up the trailer onto the vans hitch.
  • Maximum load on a Honda? W1FYM did make it home with this configuration!

Photos by W1FYM

  • Don K1CMM - actual operating!
  • More evidence that Dom K1CMM can tune a radio.
  • Kienan, KB1YRI at the radio, Dad John, N1LGB left, Leo, WB1ENI Right
  • Kienan KB1YRI scanning the band

Photos by K1PU

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2013 ARRL Field Day