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2012 Nutmeg Hamfest

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  • Your greeting staff and ticket sales, Chris WA1VXH (front), Mike K1MVM (rear)
  • Bob N2XN looks over junk he really doesn't need
  • Luke KA1SE and Gary K1MQ ready to sign you up for QCWA or ECARS Net membership
  • Rich WA1TRY attempting to peddle surplus club equipment
  • Al N1API manning the Castle Craig 10-10 Chapter table and telling everyone that 10 meters IS OPEN! Standing - Lenny KB1TJC helping out
  • Bill N1JBS of Lentini Communications - ready for a sale of a new HT to the masses crowded around the tables
  • Alex N1EBU of Lentini Communications scrounges thru boxes to find that Hamfest Special to put out on the table
  • John N1GNV of Quick Silver Radio Products fame in his trademark suspenders
  • View of the tailgate area - 1
  • View of the tailgate area - 2
  • View of the tailgate area - 3

Some picture where not posted to protect some Hams from XYL sanctions!

All photos by K1PU

2012 Nutmeg Hamfest