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2015 ARRL Field Day Photos Posted


A few Photos I took at the Middlesex ARS 2015 ARRL Field Day.

We operated class 4A from the Portland Connecticut Senior Center where do to our advancing ages (well excluding yours truly) many of our members are also frequent visitors.
Not only was the venue spacious, but we operated in the comfort of A/C, with XYL support to keep our blood sugar levels elevated.
Tom K1KI our New England ARRL Div Director stopped by to say ‘Hi’.
Joan KA1RJO providing a HUGE assortment Cookies and fruit that lasted the entire event (boy where they good!).
We did ‘cheat’ with the food and ordered out for delivery from a local Pizzeria (was real good!).

More photos are to come as the other members forward their photography efforts to me, so stop back to see what has been added.

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Field Day 2015 wouldn’t have been a success without the participation of the following MARS members:

Pasted Graphic 3

Some statistics from the 2015 event ….

2015 FD Operators

2015 FD Bands

2015 FD QSO Rate
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DX Spots added to Proagation Page

K1PU Skunck

DX Spots by band have been added to the Propagation Page.
I have sub divided Propagation into a
Space Weather page and the DX Spots page.

For the DX Spots, Select the band of interest and see the last 50 DX Spots posted World Wide.

DX Spot View


Software Page Updated


Software Page Update

A couple of changes. I updated the “look” of the software pages to this sites new style.
Also, the Distance and Bearing software has been ‘fixed’ for the latest release of OS X.
Something ‘broke’ between OS X 10.6 wand 10.7, so I got down to fixing things.
As well as getting the App running on Mavericks (OS X 10.9).
I reworked the application in the Cocoa framework (was in the old Carbon framework) to fight off depreciated API’s.


Now Search K1PU's Log

K1PU Skunck

K1PU’s entire log from when I got the call in August 2006 to present is
now searchable on line thanks to
Club Log.

I upload every month so every QSO up to the end of the
previous month is recored for all time “in the cloud”!

Also, the entire site is now searchable.
Find what your looking for on with a keyword search.

See the
Search Page for the Log Search and site search features.

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