Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

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An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

Getting started with using, programming and real world projects with the Raspberry Pi Linux Computer

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Solar Power at K1PU

K1PU Solar Power
Solar Power at K1PU - The First Year

Late September 2014, Mark K1PU, “Commissioned” his solar power (PV) system.

Mark goes over Solar Technology and the financial aspects of having PV power on the house.

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Some Back Yard Critters

For the second year in a row, a local Box Turtle (Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene Carolina) has laid eggs in my back yard slope.
Last season, one hatched out so we’re hopefull for more this year.

Photo of the our local mother to be after I saw her digging out back.


I’ll let you know when and if we got any little turtles hatched out in about 80 days.

Photos - N1MCC MotoTBRO Project


Kit, N1MCC and K1PU start construction on one of Kit’s MotoTBRO repeaters in Middlefield CT
A few photos of the project beginnings are found in the
Photos section.
Just got the utility pole planted, equipment box mounted and the grounding system complete under the dirt.

Hopefully things will be completed before winter arrives.
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