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10-10 Winter QSO Party Kick Off Net

Castle Craig 1

There will be a Castle Craig Chapter Net on Friday February 1st 2013 on the club net
frequency of 28.375. The purpose of this net is to kick off the 10-10 Winter QSO
Party. I hope that all club members will join in. Even if you do not have a 10-10
number you are worth 1 point to the rest of us who do and are submitting logs. The
QSO party runs from 0000 UTC February 2nd 2013 to 2359:59 February 3rd 2013.

If you are a paid up 10-10 member your support of the club, and our chapter would be
appreciated. Please make as many contacts as you can, and submit your log for credit.
Remember to mention that you would like to credit Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10 with
your score.

We will start taking check ins at 6:45 PM local time, (23:45 UTC), and I will be the
Net Control. I would like a station to help with relays if needed. The procedure is
simple. At 7 PM local time, (0000 UTC Feb. 2nd), we will start from the top of the
list, (myself), and I will give my 10-10 information, that is Call, Name, QTH (state),
and 10-10 number. The next station will be called and that person will give their
information and then stand by. We will proceed to the bottom of the list.

The procedure is then repeated from the top to bottom of the list, except you will
call all stations that you heard and QSL their information. If you need a repeat on
any information this is the time to ask for it.

Once the last station is called they should have no calls to make because everyone has
called them.

I expect that this net should last no more than about 20 minutes.

The conditions on 10 meters have been fair to excellent the past few months. There
have been openings to different areas of the world on many days and a few days when
no activity has been heard on 10 meters. I expect that this year's QSO party will have
fair conditions as we got toward the current sunspot cycle peak.

Because this year our chapter is the host chapter for the Convention, I would like to see
a special effort from our club members to participate in at least the Winter and Summer
QSO Parties this year. I encourage members who have not rejoined 10-10 in a few years to
take at least a one year membership and support our chapter this year for both the QSO
Parties. I would also see non 10-10 members that belong to the club to look into joining
10-10 and also support us in our efforts this year.

Also as you talk to local, (Connecticut), stations on 10 meters and also the different
bands please mention this QSO party and ask them to check 10 meters at times during the
weekend to participate. Please remind them that if they are in the local ground wave
area and members of 10-10, that The Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10 is their local chapter
and we would appreciate their support for the QSO Parties. We've seen a few non MARC club
members submitting their score for the chapter. We'd like to see more. Castle Craig
usually finishes pretty well in the chapter standings. We'd like to do better.

If you have your collected 10-10 numbers sitting now is the time to send them in or go to
the 10-10 web page at http://www.ten-ten.org/memship.html and either use the online
shopping cart to join or fill out a paper application and mail it. There is a special
three year incentive plan for $40.00 or you can join for the basic $15.00 a year. 10-10
has started a membership plan with electronic delivery of the 10-10 News and there are
special rates for new and rejoining members of $10.00 for one year and a three year
incentive for $25.00. It takes about three weeks to get your number back via mail.
Remember you need to be a paid up member for your log to count for awards and also toward
the club score. A good incentive for joining is that ALL 10-10 awards are now FREE, and
most if all do not require QSL cards and can be applied for via email. You will receive
award certificates by return mail, (or), for many, you can ask for a PDF certificate to put
in your computer or post on your web pages.

Please plan to attend and get the Winter 10-10 QSO party off to a rousing start!

-73- Al N1API
Castle Craig CH/CM
From the K1PU News Room ....